A Night at the Opera

Question 1, 9, 10 :)

1. top 3 bands: Queen, U2, The Black Keys

9. secret guilty pleasure band: it’s not really a band, more so an album - the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack from the Baz Luhrman movie…

10. secret guilty pleasure song: a cover of Stay (by Rihanna) done by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Music Asks


  1. top three bands
  2. top three musicians
  3. favorite performer
  4. favorite album
  5. band you want to listen to but never have
  6. band you didn’t want to like but do
  7. first band addiction
  8. favorite lyric
  9. secret guilty pleasure band
  10. secret guilty pleasure song
  11. song to always sing
  12. song you despise
  13. favorite song
  14. favorite soundtrack
  15. favorite musical
  16. best concert
  17. concert you want to attend
  18. concert you missed
  19. play an instrument?
  20. wish you could play an instrument? which one?
  21. favorite genre

Question 2 and 8 :)

2. top 3 musicians: Sara Bareilles, Clark Kent (to clarify, he does dubstep remixes), and Alex Clare

8. favorite lyric: Queen: “another heartache - another failed romance. on and on” - The Show Must Go On
General: You cant kid us, and you couldn’t trick anyone, Houdini, love, you don’t know what you’re running away from” - Old Yellow Bricks (Arctic Monkeys)


Question 1,2 and 6 :)

1. top 3 bands: Queen (obviously), U2, The Black Keys

2. top 3 musicians: Sara Bareilles (she has some great stuff), Clark Kent, Alex Clare

6. band you didn’t want to like but do: Arctic Monkeys